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Capitalises on increasing amounts of data from multiple sources and the growing demand for evidence-based decision-making that leverages real-world data

Shape your product launch strategy with Real World Data

At, we use AI to leverage real-world data to provide a better understanding of patient population, clinical differentiation, societal burden and health-related quality of life associated with innovative treatments to inform positioning and launch strategies.

Estimate how patients will be affected years ahead of the launch

Life science industry clients can leverage AI to estimate the burden of a treatment on patients, caregivers and society as a whole.

With the RWE solution, it is possible to integrate disparate data sources and establish if treatment would potentially be able to alleviate societal and disease burdens for patients.


Find clinical differentiation

RWE solution can identify the appropriate target patient population to be able to provide evidence on clinical differentiating factors to the current standard of care. Providing a better view of the eligibility of patients for treatments when critical prognostic variables are not available.

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