Pricing & Market Access

Liberate your pricing professionals

In an uncertain world, intelligence makes all the difference.

OKRA's pricing solutions provide intelligent companions. Giving the gift of time and confidence, freeing up the time spent crunching datasets and modelling scenarios.


Turn your team from analysts into artists

Right now, pricing and access professionals are under enormous pressure, to retain margins internally and to reduce costs externally.

The problem is that gaining control of the argument and coming to evidence-driven, objective price is a fierce task.

OKRA’s ValueScope is built on non-rules-based, best-in-class AI. It’s smart enough to automate the analysis and research needed to support negotiations and the crafting of value-based agreements. Ultimately giving you the competitive advantage, so you can give the efficiency back to the patient.

It’s time to release the pressure and use the unfair advantage that ValueScope provides.

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