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OKRA's pricing solutions give the gift of time and confidence, freeing up the time spent crunching datasets and enabling accurate predictions at the touch of a button.


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Drug pricing has become one of the most contentious issues in modern times. Market access teams must crunch vast realms of data to determine the price and prospects of new treatments, against an uncertain landscape.

ValueScope is a revolutionary new AI system which does this at the touch of a button. It accurately predicts the price and benefit outcome of new drug molecules, several years before launch. OKRA’s system is the first of its kind, using AI to deliver detailed evidence and reassurance to the submission process.

The system enables teams to perform scenario analysis of payer negotiations, quickly determining the prospects of a new treatment while dramatically saving time spent on arduous research and repetitive data crunching. It uses an AI engine that is the most robust of its kind, having learnt from millions of data points including tens of thousands of clinical trial results, historic drug submissions, the latest pricing data, and HTA reports (eg from IQWiG and G-BA).

OKRA has validated ValueScope in Germany, achieving >90% accuracy when predicting the benefit outcome and negotiated price of Phase III treatments.

Access and HEOR professionals have been surprised by the degree of accuracy the system brings to both predict HTA and price outcomes. Scenarios are reliable and decisions can be taken quicker and with more confidence, shifting attention to target value propositions and delivering the evidence rather than speculation or debate. It gives teams the unfair advantage, bringing value to market quicker - and solving hundreds of headaches along the way.

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