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Proprietary NLP automates the insight generation from medical and scientific text, enabling the development of new medical strategies on a global and local scale, helping to capitalise on emerging trends, market sentiment, themes, evidence gaps and more.

A New Era for Medical Intelligence reducing time to Insight by 80%

The medical solution empowers medical teams to identify significant trends, sentiments, evidence gaps and unmet needs to determine where actions should be taken on an ongoing basis.’s proprietary NLP engine reads and understands medical text in >20 languages by converting raw data into meaningful summaries by sorting, categorising and labelling unstructured text and automatically detecting key insights, themes, sentiments and call-to-actions from the noise. 

The medical solution allows you to get an unbiased view of HCP needs at a local and global level and align on evidence generation plans and product strategy. 

Medical Insights

Actionable insights are delivered for both local and global teams enabling teams to pivot strategy to reflect the changing needs of HCPs, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Medical Teams and tracking how topics trend and evolve over time across disparate feeds and data sources. 

Who can use?

Medical Affairs, Country Medical Leads, Medical Data & Analytics, Digital Teams, Medical Information, MSL Strategy & Operations.

Insights for the future

  • Dynamic Global & Local Insight 
  • Real-time Trend Identification
  • Hot Topics Identification
  • Real-Time Patterns with Sentiment
  • Evidence Gaps Identified
  • Actionability Detection and Summarisation
  • Theme Detection and Summarisation
  • MSL Priority actions surfaced
  • Self-Learning Brain
  • 100% Automated Solution

Empower medical teams

  • Global and Local specificity of Insights
  • Insights by TA, Indication, Product or Location
  • Insights tracked over time
  • Alerts for Actionability vs Information
  • Key Themes vs KITs (Key Intelligence Topics)
  • Full translation from local language
  • Direct links to the original source, scientific publications and clinical trials

Delivering the future

Our Medical solution reads your roundtable notes, medical information requests, customer engagement notes and medical resources to give you actionable insights. The automated analysis of medically relevant free text data uncovers patterns, observations, and insights focused on HCP unmet needs and the potential effects on clinical practice. 

Insight & Foresight Support

Our solution supports medical teams with Insight and Foresight about treatment and products. The detection of key Themes and KITs help you to define the next best opportunity for your HCP & KOL engagement.

Pre-Launch Engagement

Understand and track the changing sentiment of HCPs and KOLs around current treatment practice and the hot topics & discussions about the treatment methods. Follow the data sources and locations that are contributing to the intelligence. Observes expressed HCP needs and triage suggestions across the organisation to strategically target those needs.


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