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Where medical affairs steps up

Authenticity, trust and scientific rigour are now the most important currencies of a sustainable pharmaceutical company. And rightly, medical affairs has rightly become the beating heart of the firm.

However, most medical teams still operate reactively, responding to internal and external requests for information. Medical Scientific Liaisons (MSLs) need to get off their back feet and into a more proactive mindset, approaching KOLs and influencers in an entrepreneurial fashion, understanding which channels and which content is best-placed for every conversation.

MedCompass - Operations

Unite scientific information to deliver tailored HCP engagement

MedCompass is a unique system which predicts scientific need and recommends the highest priority, content and method for MSLs engage KOLs and Sites. And it enables new metrics and KPIs to determine higher influence. This empowers MSLs to drive engagement in the therapeutic areas that matter.

Artificial intelligence contextualises the needs of each individual KOL, with concrete interests and preferred channels. Real-time data from multiple sources (including prescription data) creates dynamic target lists, expressing when thought leaders should be prioritised. The system personalises the route-map and pinpoints the opportunities for actions.

MSLs are empowered to go beyond the KOLs and the information sources they already know, and take a more intelligent approach to the entire landscape, especially important in launch therapies with little prior knowledge.

MedCompass is the perfect companion for medical teams who want to gain an upper hand.

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MedCompass - Strategy

For Medical leads, MedCompass also allows you to understand the community’s (KOLs and HCPs) unmet needs and sentiments across multiple markets and TAs. Moving from a static to a more dynamic and holistic view of how topics evolve over time. You get instant visibility of urgent needs and calls for action to inform internal strategy allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and focus resources on the most critical insights early.

Immediately understanding the topics and sentiments of KOLs across multiple markets and TA’s and the global/local scenario in relation to what study/data is predicted to matter is of critical importance in making actionability possible for global teams.

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