Answer your most critical business questions instantly. Use all the data at your disposal to make a decision that will drive impact. The OKRA platform will provide a complete, predictive view of KPIs and perception trends across multiple data sources in real time. The Okra platform answers natural language what and why questions in real time, as well as triggering critical action when you most need it.

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When you apply advanced AI techniques for market and brand insights, you benefit from:

  • being able to ask natural language questions and get instant answers about your brands and KPIs
  • understanding what drives your brands in the different markets
  • understanding future trends of your brands and competitor brands in real time
  • holistic view of brand KPIs
  • foresight on brand performance
  • integration of multiple data sources
  • single view of all your data in one place
  • overlaying data from your market, internal reports, social, panels, consumer usage, ad performance and ROI mix

We will help you get the answers that matter in the moment to truthfully impact your customers, commercial plans, brand strategy and identify the opportunity for your brands. We will also tell you when the evidence is not strong enough in data to answer your questions, opening new doors for small sample studies with external or qualitative data sources.

  • Engage

    Talk to us about integrating your data and building your CMI system.

  • Build

    Build a scalable system for answering your critical brand questions in real time.

  • Understand

    Get answers to your questions in real time. Know what you can answer before engaging in one-off studies.

  • Drive

    Drive outcomes for your patients and customers, and focus your commercial message.

As a result, you lose control of your content and miss the opportunity to build customer relationships and earn their trust. Important if you want to sell to them in the future.

Overlay your market

Ask your OKRA platform almost any question about your market and products, such as:

  • ‘What is our predicted market share for the next six months and why?’
  • ‘Why are people buying our product?’
  • ‘Why is our growth slowing down?’
  • ‘What is driving an increase in sales in London?’
  • ‘How are we performing compared to competitor X and why?’

Our approach

Our platform combines multiple data sources including sales, brand tracking, social media, and pricing. Plus, we give you the tools you need to predict KPIs and perception trends across your data sources in real time.

The insights you gain from your OKRA platform help you to benchmark and compare across competitor brands, too. And you can find out how people view and feel about your products and services by analysing publicly available data from sources like social media.