Behaviours of physicians, patients, and consumers are changing. The way they search for and get hold of information has never been more complex than in today’s digital age.

It’s more important than ever to understand what message to deliver to your target audience, when, in what form and through which channel. Millions of pounds are spent each year in an attempt to engage target audiences and drive prescribing, consumer purchasing and brand loyalty. However, one size does not fit all and large proportions of this spend could be made to work harder.  With ML we can predict who to contact, when, with what message and through what platform. Gone are the days when an email can’t be considered as powerful as a face to face meeting. It is all about context and patterns. OKRA can make you smarter with your communication and planning in real time.

Our approach

Our platform combines multiple data sources including sales, CRM, environmental, digital and more. It uses this information to gain a better understanding of your audience to accurately predict what message to serve them for the greatest impact.


What customer engagement looks like

Sales teams are constantly under pressure to make sure their brand is front of mind with their target audience. How people make decisions is a complex process with many factors at play, but there are patterns in everything – including in human behaviour. At OKRA, we can help you. The platform can link all the data together and build a holistic view of your KPIs, so you can see the impact you’ve had on sales and what predicted activity should take place in the future.

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