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Empowers sales and commercial excellence teams to Optimise HCP engagement at scale. Delivers a detailed and dynamic understanding of HCP need and alerts you to high opportunity and priority engagements as well as channel preferences with detailed AI insights.

A New Era for Customer Engagement

Our Commercial solution supports a personalised customer journey. Suggesting the right content and message for every engagement at the right time with channel recommendations.

The brain automates the analysis of unstructured and structured data to dynamically identify the Next Best Opportunity and Priority based on HCP need, with supporting 3-12 month sales predictions. The system supports sales planning and execution for new drug launches, growth, maturity and loss of exclusivity.

Commercial Insights

Automated analysis of structured and unstructured data uncovers HCP unmet needs and evidence gaps and provides insights around trends and topics that inform the next HCP engagement.

Who can use?

Customer Engagement, Customer & Field Operations, Commercial Intelligence, Digital Engagement, Operational Excellence, Omni-channel Operations, Field Force Effectiveness

Prepare for the future

  • Data-driven, forward-looking engagement
  • Engage based on need and HCP Preference
  • Optimise resource deployment
  • Dynamic targeting
  • Self-learning brain
  • Optimise marketing (execution)
  • Automated – Low client effort

Boost field activities

  • Account/HCP Priority Score/filter
  • Account/HCP Opportunity Score/filter
  • Engagement Urgency Indicator
  • Best Channel sequence suggestions
  • Best Content sequence suggestions
  • Sales Predictions
  • Planning optimiser
  • Personalised Action Centre

Empower your field force

Suggesting the Right Message, Right Time and Right Channel to engage with customers, optimise the sales reps’ efforts, and increase the effects of each engagement. 

Get timely and actionable identification of opportunities and threats and also a 360 view of the competitive landscape. It is time to empower your field force.

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