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In an uncertain world, intelligence makes all the difference.

OKRA's commercial solutions provide intelligent companions. Replacing confusion and uncertainty with confidence, control and power.


Forget 'Next Best Action'

Right now, ‘next best action’ is all the rage. Everyone wants AI to support the rep in making decisions.

Problem is, ‘next best action’ systems are typically dumb, black boxes which provide only a single recommendation. They’re dictators - barking instructions with no explanation. Would you want one of those as your new boss?

OKRA’s FieldFocus is built on non-rules-based, deep AI - so it’s in a different league. It’s smart enough to accurately predict the future and provide up to 15 best actions. It doesn’t tell you where to go, it empowers reps to choose from a recommended set of pathways, each one fully explained. And reps quickly grow to trust it. And use it. And change behaviour.

Time to ditch next best action. Let’s lift up our teams. Let’s give them confidence. Let’s give them that power back.

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Unlimited Vision

As data grows, so does the avalanche of insights. As business intelligence teams grow, so do dashboards.

In a time where the market is more volatile, where teams need to be more agile than ever, leaders are often flying blind. More dashboards are leading to a dizzying array of insights but very few answers. Where should you focus? What are the key market drivers? Are the insights you need to drive action locked away in siloed areas of the business?

OKRA’s MarketSphere is built on the best in class AI technology, smart enough to turn insights into intelligence. See the future with predictions up to 12 months ahead. Launch products, reinvest or relocate resources for optimum return. Regardless of brand. Regardless of geography.

It's time to create more visibility with fewer dashboards. Say no to more insights. Say yes to more intelligence.

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