Access & Pricing

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Instant price and benefit outcome predictions for early stage assets or custom drug profiles. Simulate multiple scenarios in minutes, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and the level of clinical differentiation of products years before their launch, and receive AI insights.

A New Era For Pricing and Access

Our Access & Pricing solution powered by, allows pharma professionals to understand the value of a drug, 2 to 8 years prior to launch. It can be a pipeline asset, a competitor asset, a custom drug profile or a licensing opportunity.

The Access & Pricing system harnesses regulatory and pricing submissions to evaluate drugs based on preliminary Target Product Profiles, making predictions on future benefit assessment and pricing outcomes. The system discerns the value proposition of early-stage molecules and understands the value and drivers of negotiated prices for molecules earlier in the pipeline, reducing the burden and cost for pharma companies. Our AI brain helps you to understand the landscape, identify the analog and get you prepared for a new drug launch. 

Access & Pricing

Increasing the quality, speed and relevance of pricing intelligence and simulating the fair-price and benefit prediction of future product launches years in advance.

Who can use?

Global Pricing Leads, Global TA leads, Product Owners, Business Development & License Teams and Market Access Managers

Prepare for the future

  • 100% automation
  • Benefit prediction
  • Price prediction
  • Recommendations on scenarios to improve outcomes 
  • Multiple scenario analysis
  • Remembering all historic decisions
  • Access to evidence overview
  • Highlighted evidence gaps
  • Drug and indication information for landscaping
  • Custom profiles using proprietary trial data
  • Proprietary trial information

Invest in your Pricing strategy

  • Search bar for any molecule
  • Benefit assessment or price prediction of own or competitor molecules available instantly
  • Create custom profile feature 
  • Modify TPP through multiple filters
  • Evidence engine explains the predictions
  • Re-run an analysis with system recommended comparators
  • Suggestions to optimise outcome of price or benefit
  • Immediate access to trials, historic submissions and data for all molecules
  • Automated simulations to identify actionable recommendations to achieve better outcomes
  • Identify potential analogous via decision search 


>90% accuracy in price prediction

Uses multiple data sources, including clinical trial results, historic drug submissions, and historical pricing data to predict the launch and negotiated price and ‘benefit outcome’ of new drug molecules. Validated at the highest accuracy on predicting the negotiated price for new treatments.

Understand the value of a drug

Access & Pricing solution allows understanding the value of a drug, years in advance of its launch, by predicting the outcome of HTA (Health Technology Assessment) benefit assessment and pricing with unprecedented accuracy.


Create custom drug scenarios

With Access & Pricing solution, you can evaluate custom drugs based on Target Product Profiles (TPPs) at different stages of development, to make predictions on the benefit assessment and pricing outcomes.

Maximise drug benefit outcomes

Our Access & Pricing solution powered by brain has learnt from thousands of drugs across Europe. This way, it empowers our clients to understand the minimum target profiles they need in order to achieve the desired price and maximise drug benefit assessment.



Get ready for your price submission

Our Access & Pricing solution has the unique ability to leverage a multitude of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to make sure you are fully prepared for complex pricing processes.

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