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There is a great deal of hype and a lot of misconceptions among life science experts as to how AI can or cannot be applied in pharmaceutical research and business. Andrii Buvailo, Editor at, interviewed OKRA CEO Loubna Bouarfa to get first-hand insight about the emerging role of AI in life sciences.


Key takeaways of the interview

  1. The low hanging fruit in pharma is applying AI to drive ROI for medical and commercial field teams.
  2. OKRA is an AI productisation company. We empower users to drive the outcomes that really matter.
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lesson: the slow adoption of technology in healthcare is not an option.
  4. Life sciences are going the extra mile to fight COVID-19, and OKRA is here to support them.
  5. In order to lead the global AI race, Europe needs to embrace uncertainty and agility.

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