PODCAST: COVID-19 as the accelerator of AI adoption in healthcare. Why is this the right time for AI?

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In this Women in Technology podcast, Dr Loubna Bouarfa (Founder and CEO of OKRA) and Ipek Ozsuer (Head of Digital Transformation & IT Enabling Functions at Bayer) discuss the influence of COVID-19 in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

Podcast Blurb:

The life sciences industry is going the extra mile to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. However, traditional responses are simply not enough to tackle the challenges we are facing. During this crisis, experts have realised about the importance of data and AI to support healthcare and lay the foundations for long-term prosperity.

Podcast Outline:

  • What is the role of data and AI in this crisis?
  • How can AI support the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against COVID-19?
  • Will this be the start of a digital revolution in healthcare?

What you will get out of this podcast:

  • Real-life applications of AI in healthcare
  • Expert advice on how to adopt AI at speed
  • Insights on the development of trustworthy AI

Who is this podcast perfect for:

  • Everyone – ranging from business managers to Data Professionals and AI Experts
  • Pharmaceutical industry professionals interested in AI adoption
  • Anyone who cares about the future of healthcare

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