OKRA debunking COVID-19 on viral webinar

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OKRA CEO Loubna Bouarfa participated in the webinar “Going viral, keeping calm in the face of COVID-19,” organised by Inspired Minds Intelligent Health AI team.


This session brought together leading healthcare and technology experts. Loubna Bouarfa shared insights with:


These are our key takeaways from the session:

  1. Pandemics have a significant impact on human society, from affecting large percentages of the global population to causing humans to ponder important questions about our mission in life.
  2. In China, AI apps are being used in 200 cities to score people based on their risk of contagion. However, the data is not only used for outbreak management, but also shared with law enforcement. In Europe, we need to find an ethical way to manage this outbreak.
  3. In this outbreak, AI can help in:
    • Slowing the spread of the virus to save lives, for instance vulnerable mapping, risk scoring, etc.
    • Reducing anxiety, providing information and driving social distancing.
    • Empowering healthcare providers in disease diagnosis, development of new treatments and prediction of disease progression.
  4. With COVID-19, at OKRA we are reflecting and assessing our goals. It is an opportunity to put things in perspective; it is time to observe the change in life sciences and to support the industry in this change.


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