How AI is breathing new life into Medical Affairs

Access your own AI brain and deliver cost-effective solutions, time-saving resources and targeted patient outcomes.

Empower MSLs and medical executives with next-generation intelligence

Companies have sought to enter new therapy areas, medical science has advanced exponentially, we have welcomed more sophisticated treatments in specialty diseases, congresses have moved online, and it has become impossible to keep up with the torrent of information – let alone make sense of it.

But there is an answer: medical affairs executives and MSLs can now make use of smart companions. These digital guides use AI to absorb massive volumes of scientific text, and leverage the KOLs and influencers that make a difference.

Ultimately, we can turn medical teams from reactive to proactive. We can look forward and personalise interactions rather than looking backwards at what has been said before. We can surf the wave of information rather than being crushed by it.

We just need to learn how.


  • Faisal Mehmud –BMS
  • Samin Saeed – Novartis
  • Heather Moses – Novartis Oncology
  • Rasim Shah – OKRA
  • Paul Simms – Pharma Provocateur

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