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Webinar – What makes a great medical insight?: Join leaders from Novartis and Astellas on their insights journey

18 March 2024

Webinar – Medical Affairs Game Changers: How Leaders are Scaling AI to Accelerate Insight Development Today

18 March 2024

Case Study: Realised the Power of AI for Medical Affairs

3 May 2023

NLP Insights to Transform Customer Engagement

26 January 2023

What can do for you?

3 November 2022

Machine learning and the 4th industrial revolution

3 August 2022

The Brain

1 October 2021 Inaugural Demo Day

1 October 2021

How AI is breathing new life into Medical Affairs

23 April 2021

Our CEO Loubna Bouarfa says AI Can Take Better Care of Your Health

7 April 2021

Pharma is from Venus, Tech is from Mars

30 March 2021

The Just AI Transition: Where Are The Opportunities And Threats?

8 March 2021

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