Liberate Your Pricing Experts

Let’s take stock. For each submission, how many hours and days do your HEOR, Pricing and Reimbursement departments devote to auditing data and doing research?

Compare that to how little time is spent in the real process of negotiating and gaining traction with payers.

ValueScope is a gamechanger, turning your team from analysts into artists. It uses AI to dramatically free up the time spent on crunching datasets, modelling scenarios and building price predictions. So far more energy can be directed into submission and creation of robust agreements.



How does it work?

Pricing and reimbursement professionals must spend many hours building evidence from clinical trial data, analysing real-world evidence or searching publications. ValueScope avoids this by ingesting multiple data sources and infusing AI directly into the workflow of every pricing professional, performing in minutes what would have taken months.

With specialist algorithms and deep learning, the system is able to generate automated pricing predictions with a proven 90%+ accuracy. A proprietary hybrid explainability engine ensures you can fully understand and review every decision.

Knowledge from more than 1700 drugs across Europe
  • Drug information and reviews
  • Past applications and outcomes
  • Related clinical trials, performance and outcome data
  • Historic analyses from potential submissions
Maximise drug benefit outcomes using OKRA's scoring
  • Minimum target profiles
  • See negotiated prices based on custom index time
  • Monitor upcoming pipeline
Create custom drug scenarios
  • Evaluate drug profiles vs competitors
  • Assess the market potential of acquired molecules
  • Determine optimal launch vs competition
  • OKRA's HYBRID EXPLAINABILITY ENGINE empowers users by providing reasons that lead to a better benefit assessment

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