Identify the best sites for robust and timely clinical trials.

Change the future of Clinical Development

SiteGuide puts the feasibility specialists and site monitors at the centre and helps decipher the true reasons and recommendations behind factors affecting site selection, including trial enrollment, dropout rates, investigator interests and many other factors to increase the accuracy and the speed of the clinical trial process.

The solution empowers feasibility teams to target high-performing investigator sites that match the needs and challenges of your business, all the time knowing the reasons why. We enable you to change the future of clinical trial operations, by empowering feasibility teams and site monitors to make quick and informed decisions based on all the available data.

Actionable Insights
Data driven suggestions highlighting what action clinical trial teams can take. Suggestions take into account multiple data points that can affect site performance and are displayed to optimise the site selection process.

Each suggestion is accompanied by explanations needed for clinical teams to be empowered to challenge and adopt the suggestion. The explanations are derived from OKRA's explainability engine.

Empower your feasibility teams
We are able to empower feasibility teams and site monitors to make quick and informed decisions based on all the available data, and react at speed with real time outputs.

SiteGuide connects fragmented data sources turning them into actionable insights for clinical trial teams.

AI and forever learning
With SiteGuide, the data drives the suggestions. The solution learns from users and empowers individuals on an ongoing basis.

SiteGuide analyses data sources in real time and delivers predictions and suggestions to clinical trial teams so they can respond immediately.

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