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Unite scientific information to deliver tailored HCP engagement

MedCompass places medical scientific liaisons (MSLs) at the centre and recommends the highest opportunity, priority and most urgent healthcare professionals (HCPs) to engage with scientific information. We empower MSLs to drive engagement of HCPs in the therapeutic areas that matter, by engaging the right stakeholders, predicting scientific need and driving a commanding knowledge of the data to satisfy experts.

Actionable Insights
Data driven suggestions highlighting what MSLs do within an account to drive scientific exchange. Suggestions take into account multiple data points and are displayed to optimise the communication of MSLs and HCPs.

Real-time recommendations
We provide your MSL teams with real-time recommendations around actions they can take, with clear reasons why they’re being recommended to take action.

AI and forever learning
With MedCompass, the data drives the suggestions. The solution learns from users and empowers individuals on an ongoing basis.

MedCompass turns fragmented data sources into actionable insights that can inform medical strategy, leading to improved patient outcomes.

MedCompass analyses data sources in real time and delivers predictions and suggestions to sales teams so they can respond immediately.

No disruption to workflow
MedCompass can be a stand alone solution or integrated into existing systems. Simplicity is key.

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