Answers to critical business questions about the past, present and future.

Make Faster Decisions. Know what makes an impact. Elevate your performance.

MarketSphere delivers real time answers to critical business questions that your commercial teams are asking about the past, the present and the future. We empower your commercial and strategy teams to ask important business questions and receive real-time visibility of performance and an understanding of what is driving impact and why.

User questions are answered with understandable AI outputs, providing a view of the future around what is predicted to happen and why, enabling commercial teams to take action. Would you like to know why the competition is gaining market share and why?

up to 12 months prediction of sales validated with an accuracy >90% at various levels of granularity including account, hospital and national level.

All predictions are accompanied by reasons which provide the information and evidence needed for commercial teams to understand what is impacting future sales performance and enable them to take action.

We continually analyse all relevant data sources in real time and deliver new predictions and suggestions to management, so that they can respond to opportunities immediately.

MarketSphere turns fragmented data sources into actionable insights, where each prediction and suggestion is clearly explained.

AI and forever learning
The solution learns from users and empowers individuals on an ongoing basis.

No time wasted in spreadsheets
Increase the overall understanding of both the field and the competition. Save time for your team and empower them with data.

No disruption to workflow
MarketSphere can be a stand alone solution or integrated into existing systems. Simplicity is key.

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