The best opportunities in the hands of your sales representatives.

Use foresight to amplify your gut feel. Let AI guide you.

FieldFocus places the sales rep at the centre by recommending the highest opportunity, priority and most urgent healthcare professionals (HCPs) to engage, with reasons why. OKRA delivers understandable AI outputs enabling reps to take action. We empower your field-based teams to align strategy and execution to support the process of bringing the right drug to the right patient at speed.

Actionable Insights
Data driven suggestions highlighting what a sales rep should do within an account. Suggestions take into account multiple data points that can affect account performance and are displayed to optimise the sales process.

3 month prediction of sales at national, regional and account level validated by clients with an accuracy up to 95%.

Each suggestion is accompanied by a set of reasons needed for sales reps to be empowered to challenge and adopt the suggestion. The explanations are derived from OKRA's explainability engine.

Account ranking
Opportunity, priority and urgency scoring to deliver the most desirable accounts to target and maximise ROI.

FieldFocus turns fragmented data sources into actionable insights, where each prediction and suggestion is clearly explained.

FieldFocus analyses data sources in real time and delivers predictions and suggestions to sales teams so they can respond immediately.

No disruption to workflow
FieldFocus can be a stand alone solution or integrated into existing systems. Simplicity is key.

AI and forever learning
With FieldFocus, the data drives the suggestions. The solution learns from users and empowers individuals on an ongoing basis.

No time wasted
Instantly increase a sales representative's understanding of the competitive landscape.

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