We won in Paris, and Mark Zuckerberg was there too….

WE WON in Paris!!! After securing a lucrative opportunity to showcase our technology at VivaTech 2018, a jury of 12 senior Sanofi executives have chosen OKRA as the winners.  The winning pitch was delivered by Chief Revenue Officer Rasim Shah.  This is great news for OKRA and we now enter in to discussions for a formal pilot with Sanofi.

Our successful entry was focused on our real time AI capability, enabling unparalleled agility within an organisation like Sanofi.  In the pitch Rasim focused on how OKRA can answer natural language questions in real time to give Pharmaceutical companies evidence-based results instantly. A focus was also placed on our ability to combine multiple data sources and make accurate predictions of the future, whilst answering critical ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions in real time.  In today’s world, company’s like Sanofi have access to immense amounts of data which sits in silos and it often takes too long (weeks or months) to get answers to critical questions form the data.  In an age when an uber arrives in minutes and google gives you an answer in seconds, Sanofi firmly believe that our real time solution is in line with what is needed to make them more agile as an organisation and speed up decision making.

We will let you how we get on with the pilot!