Our CEO Loubna Bouarfa Says AI Can Take Better Care of Your Health

14th April 2021

What could AI in healthcare look like in 30 years, or even further into the future? Isabelle Kumar, presenter of the Disrupted program on Euronews, sat down (virtually) with Dr. Loubna Bouarfa to find out.

Loubna explains of artificial intelligence that although unbound by rules, it “mimics the way we learn as human beings by observing, adapting and learning from our environment". With AI built into healthcare systems it makes for huge untapped potential. Physicians will be empowered to take action based on carefully formulated data, allowing them to make better decisions and get the right drug to the right patient faster.

For patients this means a limitless potential to change lives, because it removes the need to wait for people to get sick; the AI would use the data to “advise patients and keep them healthy”. Healthcare systems across the world will be more proactive, revolutionising healthcare as we know it, if together medical practitioners and patients could continually and accurately be directed to the best course of action and the best possible treatments.

Watch the interview to learn about how this cutting edge technology can reform everything we know about healthcare.

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