OKRA beat 70 start-ups from 20 different European countries to claim the prize for Best Female-Led Startup at the StartUp Europe Awards.

The award was presented by the EU’s Digital Economy and Society Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, at an awards ceremony in Romania which saw gathered 600 leaders from the European entrepreneurial ecosystem. The award serves to recognise OKRA’s impact and innovation, under the leadership of CEO and Founder Dr Loubna Bouarfa. The award highlights the importance of female leadership for driving progress in technology, and serves to encourage an increase in female-led startups.

Loubna said: “We are thrilled to receive this acknowledgement of OKRA’s growth journey since we started in 2016. Europe is in a unique position to benefit from artificial intelligence, particularly in healthcare, and I am grateful for this platform to drive the discussion around AI technology in Europe further. AI is here and already having a great impact. The OKRA team is working incredibly hard to make this a reality.”

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