OKRA raises ambitious target to 6 million predictions in Life Sciences by end of 2020

Empowering the pharma industry with real-time insights amidst Covid-19 uncertainty.

Cambridge, UK, September 29th 2020 – Following on from June’s breakthrough news that OKRA hit its target of 2 million validated predictions at >95% accuracy a full 6 months early, the company has set its sights on a record-breaking 6 million predictions completed by year end. This means that pharma companies have benefitted from an unparalleled level of support during the most uncertain time in recent memory, using predictions to guide their staff to take the right next step. This is 1 million more than the revised target set only in June.

Focussed on Life Sciences, the company has seen increased demand for services in guiding those who work across healthcare, including those on the front lines to solve the Covid-19 pandemic with new treatments and vaccines. As a result, OKRA has secured multiple new pharmaceutical clients in recent months. This has also translated into a major hiring effort with a goal to increase its Data Science and Engineering teams by 50%.

“OKRA is in a great position to transform healthcare as we know it. During this pandemic, Pharma has realised the need for more effective, personalised interactions. The industry needs constant refresh, and this has to be done dynamically. We can’t rely on any data we had 6 months ago. And that’s why we need AI, to navigate the past and predict the future,” said Dr Loubna Bouarfa, CEO and Founder of OKRA.

OKRA has been developing AI solutions for Life Sciences since the end of 2015. It is known for applying AI to all stages of the drug lifecycle, clinical, medical, market access and commercial.

“Raising our target to 6 million predictions reflects our big expansion as well as our ambition to continue developing the best in class explainable AI systems. We deploy artificial intelligence to support Life Science professionals in their roles, helping them regain confidence, control and power,” added Bouarfa.

OKRA’s commercial solutions

FieldFocus and MarketSphere, OKRA’s products for sales and marketing teams, are intelligent companions that replace confusing processes with tools that give confidence, control and power.

FieldFocus goes above and beyond the industry’s ‘next best action’ trend, smart enough to accurately predict the future and provide many potential, explainable opportunities. It empowers reps to choose from a recommended set of pathways. MarketSphere is built on best-in-class AI technology to turn insights into intelligence. With predictions up to 12 months ahead, professionals launch products, reinvest or relocate resources for optimum return, regardless of brand or geography.

About OKRA Technologies

OKRA founded in 2015, is a technology company transforming life sciences with Artificial Intelligence solutions. The company combines advanced AI with a hybrid explainability engine to drive commercial, medical, clinical and market access outcomes in life sciences. The company has developed the ‘OKRA Engine’, a leading AI Engine that is driving predictions, suggestions and reasons in real time to empower users to make smarter decisions with evidence based outputs. OKRA Technologies is headquartered in Cambridge (UK) with an additional office in Leiden (Netherlands).

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