OKRA smashes target of 2 million validated predictions for big Pharma, 6 months early

Pharma teams given real-time insights amidst Covid-19 uncertainty.

Cambridge, UK, 19 June 2020OKRA, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven analytics for Life Sciences, today hit an important milestone, delivering 2 million validated predictions so far in 2020, smashing through its yearly target in just half the expected time. This underscores OKRA’s achievements in empowering the pharmaceutical industry with explainable, real-time AI solutions.


This incredible result is credited to a growing list of big Pharma clients who have accelerated digital transformation efforts amidst the pandemic. As of today the company has set a new, even more ambitious goal of delivering 5 million predictions by year end.


“Not only did we hit our target 6 months early, we achieved greater than 95% accuracy,” said Dr Loubna Bouarfa, CEO and Founder of OKRA. “We are excited that increasingly, top-10 Pharma clients are using OKRA’s AI to inform their decision-making. Reaching the 2 million mark shows real traction and motivates us to continue helping Life Science professionals regain power.”


OKRA has been developing AI solutions for Life Sciences since the end of 2015. It is known for applying AI to all stages of the drug lifecycle, clinical, medical, market access and commercial. “OKRA is in a great position to transform healthcare as we know it. Our AI is enabling life sciences to gain control, gain confidence and regain power,” added Dr Bouarfa.


“Our best in class AI models and non rule based approach, combined with a hybrid explainability engine that delivers reasons behind why outcomes are being achieved, has allowed us to develop learning systems that are the new digital brain for Pharma companies,” said Dr Bouarfa.


OKRA’s commercial solutions

FieldFocus and MarketSphere, OKRA’s products for sales and marketing teams, are intelligent companions that replace confusing processes with tools that give confidence, control and power.


FieldFocus goes above and beyond the industry’s ‘next best action’ trend, smart enough to accurately predict the future and provide many potential, explainable opportunities. It empowers reps to choose from a recommended set of pathways.


MarketSphere is built on best-in-class AI technology to turn insights into intelligence. With predictions up to 12 months ahead, professionals launch products, reinvest or relocate resources for optimum return, regardless of brand or geography.

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