European Commission launches world’s first Ethics Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence, co-authored by OKRA


With contributions from our CEO Loubna Bouarfa, as a leading member of the EU High Level Expert Group on AI, the European Commission has launched the world’s first ethical guidelines for AI.

The guidelines set out a framework for developing competitive and ethical AI in Europe, to make this continent a leader of human-centric AI that people can trust. The Guidelines are the first-of-its kind within Europe, which sets a clear agenda for the future development of Artificial Intelligence. Through Loubna Bouarfa’s work with the AI HLEG, and the company’s partnerships across the healthcare space, OKRA continues to drive forward discussions at the industry and European level.

Loubna said: “Today is a major milestone for AI in Europe. Using the ethics guidelines as a base, we now need to make sure this will drive European competitiveness. OKRA is scaling the use of AI for the benefit of clients and patients, putting the guidelines to use for real human outcomes.”

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