OKRA CEO represents AI High-Level Expert Group at EU Industry Days


OKRA’s CEO Dr Loubna Bouarfa was one of five experts invited to participate in a panel discussion titled “From Decarbonisation to Artificial Intelligence – Challenges and Opportunity for EU Industry towards 2030” on February 6th.

This took place as part of the 2019 EU Industry Days in Brussels, organised by the European Commission. The EU Industry Day is an annual event gathering more than 1500 people from across Europe and beyond, including key leaders representing industry, trade unions, national and regional authorities, and civil society. It provides a great opportunity to engage all relevant stakeholders ahead of the spring European Council, and is a key influencer for EU industrial policy strategy. Bouarfa’s panel aimed to evaluate the state of EU policy and ethics in relation to the next decade’s main industry challenges.

Loubna said: “Discussions like these will define what kind of artificial intelligence we will be developing in Europe, to maximise the benefits for EU citizens and implement AI systems at scale. Our focus should be less on technical details, because the technology is constantly evolving, and more on supporting the bigger vision for Europe.”

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