CEO Loubna Bouarfa: Appointed to EU High-level Expert Group for Artificial Intelligence to help re-shape Europe’s AI policy


Guiding policy development on Artificial Intelligence across the European Union

OKRA’s CEO Loubna Bouarfa has been appointed as a member of the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence in a personal capacity. The group is tasked with supporting the implementation of the European strategy on artificial intelligence. This will include developing recommendations on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, including socio-economic challenges, and on future AI-related policies

Moreover, the AI HLG will serve as the steering group for the European AI Alliance’s work, interact with other initiatives, help stimulate a multi-stakeholder dialogue, gather participants’ views and reflect them in its analysis and reports. Dr Loubna Bouarfa commented: “I’m honoured to be appointed to the High Level Expert Group and confirm my commitment to support this European initiative on AI. It is essential to develop the right regulations and policies in order to effectively improve human lives, using machine learning systems to impact the health, safety and freedom of the wider society.”

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