The OKRA analytics engine is designed to combine and process data with great precision, to reveal new patterns and predict future outcomes. We understand that when human lives are concerned, predictions must be validated – and more importantly, they must be explainable. OKRA has a firm grounding in real-world medical applications of machine learning technology, including top cited research on how to improve surgical workflows in real time, validated in the operating room. At OKRA, we are moving this methodology from the operating table to the world of life sciences.

Discover new patterns in data

Easy access across teams and time

>90% accurate predictions

Include any data source (structured and unstructured, qualitative or quantitative)

Reasons why

In a recent project, we partnered with a top 10 pharmaceutical company to successfully predict treatment responses and sentiments towards the administered medication, based on qualitative clinical trial data. The company HEOR lead said OKRA made great difference for the robustness of their results, and for making them replicable.

“OKRA’s machine learning algorithms are more complex than statistics, driving more insightful and robust results.” HEOR lead at top 10 pharmaceutical partner

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