Answering your burning questions in real time: what will happen in the future and why?

How OKRA works

Working in the 21st century is like navigating a dark tunnel. The OKRA AI engine is a flashlight in the dark, pulling all available evidence together to guide your actions. OKRA not only gathers and sifts your data, but also recommends a course of action – and gives you clear reasons why that course of action makes sense.  Providing AI solutions that place the user at the center and empower individuals to execute their vision through explainable AI is our primary objective.

We support analytics, sales rep, real world and management teams to reach their conclusions faster and discover new patterns in data, to make better decisions for health and market outcomes.

Core Use Cases

We partner with life sciences and healthcare champions who drive patient and market outcomes in the real world.

Commercial strategy

Get one view of the truth, accessible across teams, regions, time and space, with actionable predictions that gives you the competitive edge.

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In-field rep support

Find your best opportunities in real time, with detailed reasons why and suggestions for how to win your leads. Make your fieldwork count.

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Real world

Combine many complex data sources in one place, discover patterns you didn’t know existed, and make faster, cheaper, more effective evidence-based analyses.

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