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OKRA.ai - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with OKRA.ai?

OKRA.ai’s a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company transforming life sciences operations through the use of AI solutions. OKRA.ai has created a state-of-the-art, AI solution suite that compiles healthcare data from multiple sources, with coverage across hundreds of therapeutic areas, thousands of clinical trials and publications, millions of medically relevant free text and billions of data points that are specific to patient demographics.

OKRA.ai combines advanced AI with a hybrid explainability to deliver real-time insights, including predictions and suggestions to support commercial engagement, help identify medical unmet needs, and assist market access teams with regulatory submissions for new assets when considering the future price and benefit decisions.

Why should I trust OKRA.ai about my business data?

As OKRA.ai, we know your data is private and we work within a very secure AWS environment to protect your data. You own all the insights and models to ensure security and we accelerate IT and Data Science goals for you.

Why OKRA.ai solutions are better than other AI solutions?

OKRA.ai’s AI systems are the most innovative and unique for healthcare companies. Thanks to our self-learning brains that continuously receive data and feedback from our clients assuring that the final insights are always up to date and functional to each client’s workflow.

OKRA.ai brains fully capture the healthcare ecosystem and inform AI algorithms adequately, use various data sources, properly control and clean data and extract the features from data. OKRA.ai brains make the process scalable, not only limited to business rules and bespoke processes, and can generate insights at speed.

OKRA.ai brains are fully automated to deliver robust and innovative AI solutions that continuously learn from the changing healthcare ecosystem. OKRA.ai empowers healthcare business professionals in their decision-making process for commercial, medical and market access & pricing domains.

How much time is needed for OKRA.ai brains to install?

OKRA.ai brains can be turned on within 4 weeks and configured to understand your structured and unstructured data and deliver value across the organisation. Maintenance effort is very low as we have mastered Automation. Our engineering and data teams are here to support you for the best experience with OKRA.ai brains.

Is it easy to use OKRA.ai solutions for different teams in my company?

OKRA.ai brain insights can be consumed with ease. It is the daily companion of every employee across key go-to-market functions from market access, medical affairs, commercial excellence and front-line field teams. This is AI for everyone.

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