Our CEO Loubna Bouarfa says AI Can Take Better Care of Your Health

AI in healthcare: limitless potential to change patient lives.

In this interview, find out:

  • How patients can have a radically different experience of healthcare with the use of AI
  • How to empower physicians to take action
  • How to build more proactive healthcare systems across the world



  • Loubna Bouarfa - CEO and Founder, OKRA

  • Isabelle Kumar - Presenter, Euronews

The Just AI Transition: Where Are The Opportunities And Threats?

How can the EU embrace the opportunities represented by human-centred AI? Discover how to transition towards the successful development and use of AI in Europe, in a way that citizens will trust.

8th March 2021


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MedCompass Strategy

We empower Medical Affairs teams to drive engagement of HCPs in the therapeutic areas that matter, by engaging the right stakeholders, predicting scientific need and driving a commanding knowledge of the data to satisfy experts.

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