Webinar: NLP Insights to Transform Customer Engagement

Hear from Medical and Commercial Leaders Regarding Scalable Insight Solutions: Industry leaders are discussing:How field medical role and their capabilities need to evolve to adapt to the timely needs of HCPs, smarter technology needs to extract relevant information and advanced functionality to create actions and suggestions, and How AI technology can support more than single teams within a pharmaceutical industry.

10th November 2022

Machine learning and the 4th industrial revolution

Machine learning and the 4th industrial revolution AI technology is already changing the face of the world as we know it. This lecture looks at the reasons why AI is hailed as an unprecedented revolution using practical examples from healthcare and business. Humans and machines will coexist and make joint decisions, but what does this mean for humanity? Learn what this gigantic shift, a 4th industrial revolution, entails and how you can harness the benefits and avoid the traps. @Gresham College owns the copyright of part of the video

3rd August 2022

The OKRA.ai Brain

Imagine an AI brain which sorts, processes and learns from past mistakes. This is exactly what OKRA.ai is providing across Commercial, Medical and Market Access in Pharma.

1st October 2021