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What do we do?

OKRA delivers predictions, suggestions and explanations to empower life sciences executives and operational teams to drive the right drug to the right patient with humanised and understandable AI outputs.

Who we are

OKRA began with our founder and CEO Dr Loubna Bouarfa, who has spent the last 15 years researching the field of AI and implementing it across healthcare. In 2007 Loubna applied her research to the operating table, predicting surgical error in real time - alerting surgeons to potential errors in order to prevent them. This paper has become the most cited study of its kind in the field of machine learning for surgical workflows, and paved the way for her to make the move from research to entrepreneurship.

Loubna founded OKRA Technologies in 2015 with the vision of moving the healthcare industry towards a future of personalised medicine powered by explainable AI. Her goal has always been to ensure that AI makes us more intelligent as humans and empowers us to make better decisions. Loubna has been instrumental in building the OKRA Explainability Engine which empowers users by providing explanations behind the outputs of AI systems.

At OKRA we are fostering a new generation of ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) solutions that support the healthcare ecosystem. Our solutions are implemented by top pharma companies throughout the product pipeline to empower employees in decision making around complex problems.

OKRA's AI solutions are translating large clinical, scientific and commercial data sets into actionable insights that employees in life science companies can easily query at their desks or whilst on the move.

We believe that for AI to truly empower people, the insights presented must be explainable and instil confidence when driving action. Our suite of products has been built in partnership with top life science companies, with a focus on empowering the people to take action.

Since 2015, OKRA has become a leader in AI analytics for Life Sciences. OKRA solutions have been validated and deployed for leading pharmaceutical companies covering a range of use cases, including sales force effectiveness, field medical analytics, clinical trials and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR).

Together with our clients, we are aiming to address some of the biggest challenges facing the life sciences industry today. Our primary focus has been to co-create solutions that bring AI capabilities to every employee across the business so they can unlock new insights at their desk or on the move.

We want to empower healthcare professionals through AI to take decisions with all the evidence they need. Our deep expertise in AI combined with in depth medical and product knowledge from life science leaders has allowed us to develop products that can transform the way we approach traditional challenges.

Meet the team

We pride ourselves on having some of the best talent in the industry. We are driven by the need to create a future of personalised healthcare and improve health outcomes. AI for us is not a project, it is a desire to empower people at their desks or on their iPads with AI capabilities. Our people have a passion to deploy, monitor and manage analytics for the top pharmaceutical companies and operationalise AI.

We love to give people the creative freedom they need to be able to get on with their work, but also drive them to take pride in what they do and grow as an individual within the OKRA team. Our teams are constantly growing and we are always on the lookout for people with ambition and drive who can help us realise our vision for an AI powered future.

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