The question:

Our client a top 5 biopharma company using large teams performing manual social listening for distilling content around a specific disease area.

So, put quite simply, the question set by our client was:

Q – “How can we filter out noise from social media content and segment topics automatically with the highest accuracy possible?”

OKRA solution:

  • Operates in real time
  • Combines multiple data sources
  • Creates multiple behavioural profiles
  • Learns and understands patterns
  • Automates outcome prediction for healthcare and global brands

The results:

Client before:

  • Intensive manual social listening
  • High cost teams
  • Delays due to the manual process
  • Repeated effort across campaigns
  • Inaccurate due to human error

Client after:

  • Automating social listening process with a detection rate of 94%
  • Reducing the time spend by 74%
  • Reducing the volume of conversation to be manually reviewed by 76%
  • Allows for real-time instead of monthly insights
  • Filtering and segmentation accuracy of 94%