The question:

Our client – A top 5 Pharmaceutical company wanted to apply Machine Learning to predict rep activity ahead of time and understand which sales activities are directly impacting sales.  Although lots of data is captured around sales activities and impact, these are spread across different vendors, requiring large amounts of time analyse and derive meaningful insights.

So, put quite simply, the question set by our client was:

Q – “How can we predict rep activity ahead of time and guide suggestions for the field force for the next best action in real time?”

OKRA solution:

  • Operates in real time
  • Combines multiple data sources
  • Creates multiple behavioural profiles
  • Learns and understands patterns
  • Automates outcome prediction

The results:

Client before:

  • Manual rep activity planning
  • Expensive one-off salesforce studies
  • Planning based on inherent bias
  • Repetition of effort across campaigns
  • Costly

Client after:

  • Automating 80% of rep activity one month in advance
  • Delivery of actionable insights – targeting and messaging
  • Ongoing, continuous insights that are validated and in real time
  • Reducing planning time and eliminating expensive one off studies
  • Evidence based planning – Validation – 95% accuracy