OKRA is an artificial intelligence data analytics company for healthcare. We provide a platform that allows healthcare professionals to combine multiple complex data sets and generate evidence-based insights in real time – to save and improve human lives.

Our story starts in 2007, when our CEO Dr Loubna Bouarfa researched how artificial intelligence could be used to predict surgical error in real time. She applied her research directly to the operating table – alerting surgeons to potential errors in order to prevent them, and producing the most cited study in this field. OKRA Technologies was born out of a vision to apply this accuracy of prediction on a wider scale.

And the name? OKRA means “ladies’ fingers”, which is no coincidence since our female CEO coded much of our tech with her own hands.

Our history

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the past is the training ground for the future. This is a glimpse of our past and present.

Global impact with Top 10 Pharma

We partner with commercial and real world pioneers to drive health and market outcomes. Our clients include top 10 global pharmaceutical companies.

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