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OKRA.ai began with our founder and CEO Dr Loubna Bouarfa, who has spent the last 15 years researching the field of AI and implementing it across healthcare. In 2007, Loubna applied her research to the operating table, predicting surgical errors in real-time – alerting surgeons to potential errors in order to prevent them. This paper has become the most cited study of its kind in the field of machine learning for surgical workflows and paved the way for her to make the move from research to entrepreneurship.

Loubna founded OKRA.ai in 2015 as a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company transforming life sciences operations through the use of AI solutions. OKRA.ai has created a state-of-the-art, AI solution suite that compiles healthcare data from multiple sources, with coverage across hundreds of therapeutic areas, thousands of clinical trials and publications, millions of medically relevant free text and billions of data points that are specific to patient demographics.

OKRA.ai combines advanced AI with a hybrid explainability to deliver real-time insights, including predictions and suggestions to support commercial engagement, help identify medical unmet needs, and assist market access teams with regulatory submissions for new assets when considering the future price and benefit decisions.

OKRA.ai’s systems support life sciences companies to better enable the drive of personalised medicine across the globe.

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