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We are OKRA.ai: We bring AI to Life

Building Brains for Life Sciences

We are growing! We are 32 Okrans and counting. We’re constantly looking for the right talent to join our team. From experienced senior leadership to recent graduates, we love to onboard passionate individuals who want to help us revolutionise the healthcare industry as we know it.

We’re diverse! We are from 14 countries: and we’re always looking for a fresh pair of eyes to add to our team. Building a trustworthy AI is all about getting diverse perspectives together.

We’re curious! We are driven and love being challenged to empower our clients to make better decisions. We like to put our minds together to solve real-world problems that affect millions of people every day.

“To enable the delivery of the right drug to the right patient at the right time and have a direct impact on every step of the pipeline - from drug to patient - we are unleashing the potential of AI for the Life Science industry.“

Dr Loubna Bouarfa - Founder and former CEO of OKRA.ai / Chairwoman of the AI Innovation Board at Envision Pharma Group

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