What if you asked your data a question and it answered in real time?


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Loubna Bouarfa: Appointed to EU High-level Expert Group for Artificial Intelligence to help re-shape Europe's AI policy

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“Strive for continuous improvement instead of one-off excellence.”

Go beyond the insight

We empower pharmaceutical companies and global consumer brands with evidence based insight in real time. We go beyond the insight to provide foresight and answers to why questions. It can be Real Time prediction around the best treatment option for a patient (RWI), Real Time what and why questions answered around brand performance (CMI) and Real Time understanding of how to better engage your customers to drive sales (CE).

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Multiple Data Sources


Trigger Actions

Make AI easy in three simple steps

Upload your data

Data onboarding

API connectivity

Batch files

Multiple data sources

Configure your pilot

Define outcome

Brand KPIs

Patient outcomes

Questions to be answered

Live predictive insights

Live answers

Ask/answer system

Insight dashboard

Alerts and triggers

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Why we do it

Machine learning can make a real difference to patients, brands, businesses and people across the world. We designed our leading AI platform to harness this potential for your business. Although our algorithm lives in the digital world, its impact is on the real world. Whether you’re measuring, the outcome of a new drug or your brand’s performance, the OKRA platform uses evidence to improve your results and give a clearer view of your data.

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Who we work with

We work with global healthcare organisations and consumer goods companies. Our AI can help you to achieve better outcomes and make better decisions for your patients or brands.

Case studies

The world’s most trustworthy AI platform in action


Our team

We’re on a mission to inspire and improve results for you and your customers by creating the world’s most trustworthy AI engine and products.


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Do you want to be part of building the world’s most trustworthy AI engine?

A job for us is not about a title, it is about: impact growth and passion.

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Loubna Bouarfa: Appointed to EU High-level Expert Group for Artificial Intelligence to help re-shape Europe’s AI policy

OKRA’s CEO Loubna Bouarfa has been appointed as a member of the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial

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Finalists: OKRA is a finalist again! Chosen by IIeX for its real time Market Insights solution powered by AI.

We are heading to Atlanta…. We are heading to Atlanta in June after securing a lucrative opportunity to showcase our

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OKRA wins in Paris! The global start-up challenge was organised by Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi at VIVA Tech 2018.

We won in Paris, and Mark Zuckerberg was there too…. WE WON in Paris!!! After securing a lucrative opportunity to

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