• Gain Confidence. Gain Control.
  • Regain Power.

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Discover Your Invisible Power

Life Science professionals are under relentless pressure from all sides. To be successful they must find leverage and points of improvement over their competitors in their mission to deliver the right drug, to the right patient at the right time.

OKRA's AI tools are specifically designed and validated for Life Sciences. We support existing teams, rather than replacing them and we pinpoint the information normally buried in multiple dashboards.

It’s time to release the pressure and use the competitive advantage that OKRA provides.

It’s time to deliver on getting more medicines to patients.


  • Elevate your performance
  • Use foresight and let AI guide you to the best opportunity and the right time
  • Enable teams to make faster decisions and know what makes an impact

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  • Unite scientific information to deliver tailored HCP engagement
  • Drive internal/external medical strategy with critical insights from the Field

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Pricing & Market Access

  • Obtain accurate drug price for submission
  • Avoid lengthy manual analysis and clinical research
  • Forecast pricing years before launch
  • Gain the upper hand in payer negotiations

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WEBINAR: Why 'Next Best Action' is not enough - How to create empowering, trusted AI systems for pharma field teams

Leaders from Astellas, Bristol Myers Squibb, GSK and OKRA discuss how artificial intelligence empowers field teams in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The 'Next Best' obsession needs to stop

Why 'Next Best Action' is not enough. How artificial intelligence can support field teams to regain confidence, control and power. OKRA Director Rasim Shah sets the scene...

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You bet your glass it’s a good idea

You bet your glass it’s a good idea

In an industry like pharmaceuticals, we need to be able to explain decisions that have life-or-death consequences, to be able to query them and understand them. Otherwise, irrespective of AI’s cleverness, it will never fully be trusted.

15th October 2020

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